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Brad says that if it wasn’t for him getting a
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Start Playing Today
To Win Big!

Start Playing Today
To Win Big!

Your Numbers. Your Tickets.
Your safety.
All together.
Order tickets from anywhere using your mobile phone.

Your Numbers. Your Tickets.
Your safety.
All together.
Order tickets from anywhere using your mobile phone.

Smarter Way to Play.

We keep your official Lottery tickets secure and notify you to check your numbers. No more missed draws. No more lost tickets!

Web Made It Easy.

Play the Lottery without a trip to the store. Play with friends and Mido Lotto distributes your winnings

The Best Lottery Games.

Play Mega Millions, Powerball and daily fun games with more chances to win. When there is a National Jackpot – play to win.

What Others Think

I love this app. The last time I bought tickets in person last month, people inside the convenience store weren’t wearing masks or being careful. I’ve been using this app ever since and it works perfectly. I pay instantly with PayPal. No credit cards. I’ve won small amounts of money and the funds were delivered immediately to my account. During these crazy times, I’m happy that I don’t have to risk my health to play the lottery!

I Love It!Grateful JT 08/13/2020

I was curious on how they would pay out. I contacted their customer service and the money was sent to my PayPal right away. It was nice not having to go to a store just for lotto tickets.

Easy and LegitNitecat11 07/14/2020

I won $70 and it went straight in my account in less than 5min. Thank you !!!!

Real Money!! I’m so Happy!Minkalyth9 09/02/2020

Really well done. Been an occasional lottery player for a while and this takes the hassle out of it. Payment has been nice and safe so that’s something I haven’t felt worried about since playing via the app. When I needed a little help they got me rolling pretty quickly — that was good to see!

It’s also a fun thing to gift people. “Have an awesome day, thanks for all you do – good luck!”has been a cool work morale booster gift too :-). Tried it and it caught on so it’s something I’ll keep at.

The app is rock solid and well worth it. Good stuff!

Great Concept and Fun!Akod 10/26/2018

We have been playing this app as a work team. It’s been a fun distraction with all that is going on and a super fun, easy way for all of us to connect when seeing each other is difficult with COVID. It’s been team building and social and SAFE.

Adding PayPal for purchasing makes it quick and easy. It takes away the pain of having to go to the store to purchase — and checking the winners MUCH easier. I used to play from time to time, but was better at buying them than checking them.

Adding multiple player groups is genius and everyone can control the numbers they want to play and the competition to be “on the top” adds a fun, social spin.

Highly recommend.

So Quick and Easy – with Social built inshaangels-kma 06/03/2020

How It Works

Simple And

Players load funds into their Mido Lotto account and order tickets through the app.

Official State

Mido Lotto fulfills player orders for physical tickets through official state-licensed Lottery retailers.


Mido Lotto notifies players when it is time to check their tickets.

Winnings Delivered

Winning tickets up to $600 are deposited directly into Mido Lotto player accounts. For any win greater than…

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The winning stories

Read the stories from our winning players that won by playing the lottery using Mido Lotto.

Brad | California

I cant believe i won using Mido Lotto, I love it.

Steph | Conneticut

The app was so quick and easy to play my numbers.

Tracy | Ohio

It was great not forgetting about the weekly jackpot.

John | Oregon

Winning from home was great as I didn’t have to go out to get my winnings.

Jeff | Washington

Winning from home was great as I didn’t have to go out to get my winnings.

Tina | Texas

I won $18 using Mido Lotto, I love it.

Dan | Massachusetts

Greatest thing about Mido App is that I never will forget to buy a ticket ever!

Sierra | Delaware

I was so happy when I won using Mido Lotto.

Mike | Arizona

My mum installed the App so I tried it out and would you believe it I won $50.

Laura | Florida

I’d highly reccommend you try Mido Lotto, I used it and won on my 1st ticket.

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