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Together we are changing lives.

Ordering tickets from anywhere has never been easier than with Mido Lotto. You can order tickets using your phone, avoid unnecessary trips to the store and better yet, there is no standing in line anymore. Order your tickets from the comfort of your couch, in the seat of your car, at the coffee shop, or anywhere else.

Bringing people together.

Mido Lotto has gifting features that enable you to send tickets to friends and family. The Group features make playing with friends and colleagues easier than ever before and the chat function in your group is a great way to stay connected.

Speed and Convenience.

At Mido Lotto it has never been more convenient to order your tickets. Never lose another ticket, forget a draw or even forget to claim your winnings as you can now claim your prize directly in the App.

Security at your fingertips.

At Mido Lotto all payments are processed by leading financial institutions and we never see or share your personal information. Automqatic confirmation of all your purchases, both in the app and via email provides additional security. All ticket purchases are linked to your identity through your phone number, email and the geo-location of your purchase.

We are opening the Lottery for everyone to play, win, and make an impact.

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